What is Loza Radar?

Loza Radar is a lightweight and portable enhanced ground penetrating monopulse radar.

The radar is pulled over the target area, where the operator can review the sub-surface in real-time, allowing the client to mark areas of interest.

The radar gives a real-time display of the radar profiles on a liquid crystal screen. The data captured can be immediately downloaded to a computer for further processing on advanced analytical software.

The data is analysed on site, giving the client instant data that can be incorporated into the mine plan.

The radar has minimal impact on the environment and surrounding operations.



Value to Client

✓  Cost: Loza is a low-cost resource targeting device which is redefining the mining exploration market

✓ Depth of penetration: Deeper than any other radar on the market

✓ Real Time vision: Live feed during the survey

✓ Speed: Fast deployment, fast data collection, fast data analysis

✓ Flexibility: Adapt and change the plan according to results

✓ Ease of use & portability: We deploy across the world fast with the lightweight radar

✓ Minimal environmental impact: Work in semi permissive environments

✓ Minimal preparation required for a survey

✓ Security of Data: Discreet data acquisition and secure data analysis

What is Loza Radar used for?

Radar next to Rig3

Searching for specific objects and structures

Archaeology and surveys of historical and social heritage sites;

Construction and monitoring of engineering structures and facilities;

✓Surveys of railroad beds and road pavement;

✓Monitoring ground structures near building and engineering works;

✓Planning the development of foundations, basements, and piles;

✓Detection and examination of reinforcement and interior of concrete structures;

✓Searching for utilities and various subsurface features;

✓Engineering and environmental surveys;

✓Searching for pipeline leaks and leakages of industrial pollution;

✓Mapping Pollution plumes from mine dumps;

✓Mapping of subsurface waste burials, dumps, etc

Cote d'Iviore8

Multiple locations, Multiple environments

✓ Geology- search for mineral deposits

✓ Civil Engineering (Transport, industrial and civil construction)

✓ Hydrology – search for water

✓ Ecology

✓ Archaeology

✓ Defence and security


Surveying for geological & hydrological structures

The study of stratigraphic sequences;

✓Geological and geomorphological, paleo-geomorphological, and soil structure investigations;

✓Surveying and study of geological features (lodes, dykes, meteorite impact points, etc.);

✓Studies in engineering geology and hydrogeology;

✓Geotechnical investigation for construction;

✓Determination of the ground water table, seepage lines, etc.;

✓Detection of hazardous geological processes (karsts and sinkholes, erosion, landslips and slides, etc.);

✓Exploration of mineral deposits and construction materials (mapping of precious gems and virgin metals placers)