Our Team

Loza Radar is comprised of some of the world’s most accomplished electromagnetic engineers and geophysicists. Our staff are actively researching and publishing their findings in both theoretical and applied Geophysics. See gallery here...


We design, manufacture and operate the world’s most powerful ground penetrating radar, that gives clearer and cleaner resolution than any other system in the market.

We have built our own analytical software, called “Krot” which is fully compatible with supporting software programmes like Leapfrog. 


For nearly 30 years, we have served many of the world’s great mining houses, and many hundreds of other mining, exploration and civil engineering companies.

We continue today to carry out operations on all four continents, saving time and money for our clients.


Why Loza Radar?

Key benefits to clients of Loza Radar...

✓  Cost: Loza is a low-cost resource targeting device which is redefining the mining exploration market

✓ Depth of penetration: Deeper than any other radar on the market

✓ Real Time vision: Live feed during the survey

✓ Speed: Fast deployment, fast data collection, fast data analysis

✓ Flexibility: Adapt and change the plan according to results

✓ Ease of use & portability: We deploy across the world fast with the lightweight radar

✓ Minimal environmental impact: Work in semi permissive environments

✓ Minimal preparation required for a survey

✓ Security of Data: Discreet data acquisition and secure data analysis

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